Information for car drivers regarding new forest livestock

About 100 commoners’ ponies, cattle, donkeys, pigs and sheep are killed or injured on the Forest’s roads each year along with a similar number of deer.

It is important that people report all animal accidents as soon as possible; some animals survive but have serious internal injuries. Why not keep the card in your wallet or car so that the numbers to call are always to hand?

Remember: the animals have right of way; drive slowly day and night and give them a wide berth.

The numbers to call

Those crucial numbers are:

Police (24hrs) - 101 (emergency) or 0845 045 4545 (non-emergency) for:

  • Road traffic accident involving a pony, cow, donkey, pig, sheep, dog or deer

Verderers' Office  - 023 8028 2052 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm) for:

  • Sick, injured or distressed pony, cow, donkey, pig or sheep

Forestry Commission - 0300 067 4600 (24hrs) for:

  • Sick, injured or distressed pony, cow, donkey, pig, sheep or deer

Report an accident even if the animal runs off

Remember that even if it runs off, the animal may have serious injuries.  Forest animals have no road sense and have right of way!  Drive slowly, especially at night, and give animals a wide birth.

Don’t feed the forest animals

If you feed animals they may stay by the road and be killed.


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