All the perks of living like a local

Self catering holidays give you the benefits of home from home living with none of the hassle

Whether you choose a small cottage or a large sprawling house, self catering holidays offer great flexibility.

Camping in the New Forest can be absolutely fabulous and bring you close to the nature and wildlife especially if the weather is kind – but it’s so much easier NOT to have to take all that paraphernalia! Far nicer to pack just your clothes and wellies or walking boots, and arrive in a comfortable house with all mod cons provided!

Hotels in the New Forest are splendid in some lovely “on forest” locations. If you’re holidaying with the family though, having your own large space in which to spread out and chill gives you so much more freedom to do as you please, and so can actually be much more relaxing! And of course you can always go and treat yourself to dinner – or lunch, often better value – in one of the hotels. Plus, many of them also allow you to visit their health clubs and spas whilst on holiday.

Meanwhile, we New Forest locals know that we live in a wonderful place (the New Forest is currently under consideration for THE most desirable holiday location in the UK!), but we have to leave this beauty behind if we want to go on holiday. Most of us find it almost impossible to take a “holiday” in our own homes because there are always a million jobs to do!

So a self catering holiday in the New Forest gives you all the freedom of living like a local, in a real home, in one of the best holiday destinations in the United Kingdom. And the best part of all is that you’ve left all your responsibilities and chores behind – in your own home! So whether you’re visiting for a while or just a short break, you have loads of time to enjoy the beauty of the New Forest and all it has to offer.

The joys of self catering

Perhaps the greatest joys of self-catering are the flexibility and the space you get for your money. Instead of squeezing into a family hotel room, tent or mobile home, you and the children will have the run of an entire property, probably with your own garden, and maybe with a pool or hot tub thrown in too, giving you ample space to relax.

It would be a mistake, though, to view self catering holidays as purely “economically sensible options”. This is of course a major consideration but it also makes self catering sound very dull! And it’s misleading, too.

In recent years, the standard of holiday homes has improved beyond all measure and many are on a par with the best hotels. If you see the downside of self catering as having to cater for yourself, just set up a few family rotas for shopping, cooking and tidying up.

If you want your holiday to be truly chore-less, consider local shopping deliveries, holiday nannies and bespoke sightseeing tours all of which can be arranged easily and make it a proper holiday for everyone – see some links below.

But more than staying in a home from home which is neater and tidier than your own, a self catering holiday offers the opportunity to enjoy all the perks of living like a local without the drudge of mowing the lawn and painting the hall. With a welcoming local base of your own, all the fun bits of life come to the fore. Whether you want to laze around in your pyjamas all day or plan a full on itinerary of nonstop sightseeing and activities, the choice is yours!

All you really need to pack for a self catering holiday is your personal gear to cover all weather conditions. Between what’s provided in the holiday home itself (often including a welcome basket of goodies which encourages you to have a cup of tea and a sit down on arrival!), the rest can be sorted when you get there. And shopping locally in quality independent stores can be a treat rather than a chore, when you have time to pass the time of day and enjoy the whole experience.

Whatever your needs, be it an active holiday with a group of friends or to celebrate an occasion, or a special family holiday with the grandparents, New Forest Holiday Lets can offer you a suitable holiday home. So give us a call today on 01590 622449 for a chat, let us listen to what you’re looking for and then we’ll talk through the options together.

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